A Look at Tyler Mclaughlin

Brett Barger, Writer/ Staff

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A Look at Tyler Mclaughlin

By Brett Barger

For most students, one of the biggest adjustments of their lives is arriving to college and living in the dorm. The constant companionship in combination with radios blasting throughout the halls make for a fundamental change in many students lives. To the majority of incoming freshman, the adjustment period is not a couple days. It can sometimes take a couple weeks or even months.

However, when you are the last of eight children in your family, all of this sounds too familiar. Senior Ty McLaughlin, captain of the Marian University golf team knows all too well for this to be true. He is used to the craziness that life throws his way as he grew up in a household with seven sisters.

“Holidays are a blast,” said McLaughlin. “When everyone is home, it can definitely be hectic. You sometimes need some quiet time, but on the contrary you never will be lonely in a family like mine.”

Coming from a large family is one of the reasons that he is experienced in leading a team and deciding what is best for a group as a whole. He is in the middle of his first season of being the captain of the golf team, an honor given to you by your teammates. He truly feels honored to be chosen.

While at home he has his family, when at school, he has another. The close-knit community that is Marian Athletics is truly hard to explain. The reason he chose to attend Marian University is because of prior family attendance and to receive a good education. What he never expected was the sense of togetherness that he found within his teammates.

McLaughlin is known in his friend group as Grandpa Ty. One of the numerous reasons for this is because his teammates look to him for guidance. This takes place on and off the field. McLaughlin prepares his team, tracks grades, and generally looks out for his team’s and teammates’ best interests.

“The best part about being a captain is that if there are any problems, my teammates come to me first,” said McLaughlin. His conflict resolution experience that he learned from his seven sisters have really came in handy during his time as team captain. He has to deal with every issue that comes in up the world that is Marian’s golf team.

Another aspect of collegiate sports that does not go unnoticed is winning. The spring and fall seasons are combined so at the end of the spring season, a conference champion is crowned. The Marian men’s golf team is currently sitting in fifth place after the fall season. They scored a combined 328 which is 29 shots behind the leading Edgewood Eagles. That being said, they won the MSOE invite this year for the first time in seven years. For the season and the entire program, things are looking up.

As a senior, McLaughlin is motivated and poised to make a statement for the golf team. “The first two years of athletics are hard. They test your time management, they test your willingness to work as a team, and mainly they test your ability to overcome diversity. Now is when we put all of the hard work together and win a conference championship.”

McLaughlin is graduating in 2016 with a degree in exercise sports studies. He is starting to think that his success while being a captain might translate to him being a good coach. That is why McLaughlin’s next step in his career is to find a position as a golf coach and lead a team of his own.

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