Lunch with Leo: Mazatlan Family Restaurant!

Leo Panelo, Webmaster

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Hello again! I’ve returned to talk about more delicious dishes I’ve found here in Fond du Lac! This time we’ll be hopping over to a Mexican restaurant named Mazatlan! As I mentioned in my last column, I do have a tongue of diverse tastes, so I can be quite biased, but nevertheless I shall once again express the excellence of this cuisine!

Mazatlan is just down Main Street in Fond du Lac. It’s a small place packed with great vibes! The inside of the restaurant feels lively and warm with orange painted walls and yellow lighting. The many colorful paintings covering the walls add to the exotic theme in addition to the Hispanic music with trumpets and dramatic singing blasting from the speakers above. Walking into Mazatlan from the quiet streets of Fond du Lac almost feels as though I’ve entered a portal to another country!

I must admit I haven’t really tried many different items from their menu because I’ve always ordered the same thing: a good plate of Milanesa with a cup of Horchata. It’s just too good! An order of Milanesa comes with two breaded fillets of steak or chicken with a side of Spanish rice, refried beans with cheese, and slices of avocado accompanied with other veggies. There’s a lot on the plate, but that’s precisely what I love about this dish!

Describing how much I love this dish is difficult because of just how great it really is; it’s something to be experienced! The Milanesa itself is amazing because the crispiness of the breading is followed by the glorious texture and taste of the steak inside. With all the other items on the plate, you can mix and match whatever you’d like in order eat it all in a single bite of greatness! Whether the spoon is filled with a bit of spiced rice, a blend of fresh veggies, or cheesy beans, every chomp is satisfactory as it compliments the breaded steak well. Oh, but of course, why not eat all of these things in one go!? Also, no matter what you order, Mazatlan gives you the option of flour or corn tortillas with your meal so you can eat your food in a taco!

Finally, what’s a good meal without a good drink? A cold glass of Horchata to sip throughout the meal is what brings the best out of Mexican cuisine! Horchata is typically a cold drink made by mixing rice and cinnamon with a base of either water or milk. It’s quite sweet and tastes like a milkshake, but in my opinion, surpasses the taste of a milkshake with the bits of tasty rice and cinnamon within the cold drink.

A hot dish full of flavors and a sweet cold drink is a meal I’ve ordered over and over again. There’s certainly much more to Mazatlan’s menu, but this is honestly my favorite meal around town. One of my fellow staff writers of the Sabre Voice, Mike, also mentioned he really enjoys dining at Mazatlan for their tasty dishes! He enthusiastically said he’s tried their tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas, all of which have never failed to satisfy his hungry heart.

Check them out!

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