Marian Community engages in March for Our Lives Protest

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Marian Community engages in March for Our Lives Protest

Gracie Thies, Webmaster and Staff Writer

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By now, almost everyone has heard about numerous school shootings and knows about the March for Our Lives. On Saturday, March 24, Marian University, along with many other colleges around the country, participated in the March for Our Lives event. Anyone living in Fond du Lac or attending the surrounding area colleges were welcome to join in on the Fond du Lac March.

Marian’s March began at the Hornung Student Center and made its way down Johnson Street with people of all ages joining in. The group was not as large as anticipated due to the cold and windy temperatures but could still be seen from the streets with the help of large, colorful signs.

A separate group of students and staff took a trip to Washington, D.C. to experience the main March. There is no doubt that it was a long drive for our Marian group to get there, but the presence of Marian students at the March says a lot about how passionate and strong-willed our students are.

“Going to the march was a great opportunity that I’m glad I didn’t miss out on,” said Graesyn Dallman, a freshman at Marian. “Seeing so many people in one place, fighting for the biggest issue facing our nation right now, was so insightful.”

“There were so many people that it was almost hard to move, but that wasn’t a bad thing,” said Kate Dombrowski, a freshman at Marian. “Everyone was there for a reason they cared for, and that’s what made this march so powerful.”

At the Washington D.C. rally, survivors of the Marjory Stonemen Douglass High School shooting in Florida spoke out along with performances by Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus. This wasn’t just any old opportunity to make signs about gun rights and see a few famous people perform. The protest was for educators risking their lives, better security, and to also get the attention of the President. Many assumed that the rally would mainly be teenagers and young liberals wanting to wave their signs in the air, but that was not the main case. A study by the Washington Post which took a random sample of the D.C. marchers states just 10% of marchers there were under 18.

There is a continuing argument that without stricter gun protocols, school shootings will continue to occur. The nationwide March for Our Lives was the first major attempt to ask for a change on this issue, with hope that the President and government officials will take according action.

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