Artist Spotlight: New Star on Campus

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Artist Spotlight: New Star on Campus

Shana Risby, Reporter

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Meet freshman Antonio Leonard a poet and rapper. Antonio was born on September 18, 1999. He was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by his mother and father, Antwan Leonard and Tiffany Lee. During his time in middle school he grew a strong passion for poetry. Antonio’s teachers always gave him high praise for his poetry, saying it is some of the best work they’ve heard from a 13-year-old. When Antonio got to high school he started developing his poetry into raps. He started rapping with his two best friends and published their music on SoundCloud. Many people were skeptical about their music, because of the bad reputation SoundCloud rappers get. Being from the Milwaukee area code 53205, Antonio was exposed to a crime filled neighborhood. Instead of being a product of his environment, Antonio decided to rise above what he saw and wrote about it in his raps. Antonio raps about the real struggles back in his hometown. His family helped stir him in the right direction. Antonio credits his mother for being his inspiration and his father for being his backbone. Antonio decided on Marian University because its campus size. Upon arriving to Marian, he felt welcomed and comfortable enough to share his music amongst his peers. The people he surrounded himself with inspired him to take his music to the next level. Antonio’s music is now on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. On SoundCloud Antonio is currently averaging 6,000 plays. He currently has one single on Spotify and Apple Music titled “2 Minutes or Less”. Antonio said this is just the beginning.  

Below are links to his music on all three music outlets: 


Poetry from Antonio Leonard: 



Thoughts in my mind just got me feeling crazy 

Are you here to hurt me or just to heel me baby 

Do feelings fly or should I conceal ‘em safely 

If I let ‘em fly, then it’ll kill me daily 


These thoughts never just let me sleep alone 

The love in my heart never creeps alone 

It battles with hatred that never leaves alone 

This stuff is contagious that’s why I eat alone 


No treatments so, what’s going to follow 

So, the knife to the arm is the thing that follows 

No tears from my eyes god damn I’m out of sorrow 

So, it repeats I got an empty bottle 


No tears only blood from my arm is what I’m dropping 

Damn my mental is my only blockage 

God heels all, but he is only watching 



GOD why are you watching 

You see me in pain why don’t you stop it 

Drop to my knees god damn I wanna die heaven gates is where I’m knocking 


I’m knocking somebody let in 

Ion wanna be that depressed kid 

Take me before I do anymore recklessness 

You said you was gone stay then left again

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