Science Building Opinions Mostly Positive

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Science Building Opinions Mostly Positive

Shana Risby, Reporter

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With the new science building being up for about three months now, the question has been “what do the students think about it”. Several students have been interviewed and surveyed to give their personal opinions on the science building. In the survey they have been asked a series of five questions. These questions include: What are your favorites about the science building? What is your least favorite feature about the science building? Is there something that can be improved about the science building? Do you think that it was worth the money? How often are you in the science building? Overall ranking of the science building 1-10 (10 being the best and 1 being the worst). Here is what the students have to say. 

When asked what the best feature of the science was building many students highlighted the overall comfortability of the building. The new comfortable seating all throughout the building is what students enjoy. Senior Tyrese Pinson noted how he enjoys relaxing on the couches in the atrium before classes start and watching TV. One student highlighted the amount of space the building has is a plus. “It can hold a lot of students, and it’s nice for homework and getting other work done”, said senior Molly Magnus. Other students value the entire design of the building, noting that it’s different and more millennium.  The Wi-Fi built into to every class is a highlighted feature amongst students. This is good because you won’t get any interruptions with “Marian guest” or “Marian” Wi-Fi problems. One student even mentioned loving the fact that there are more places to charge electronic devices. 

With many positive aspects of the building came negatives. Students wish the study rooms were more of a quiet place. The study places are in the open, making it harder for students to concentrate. Since the library got rid of its study rooms, the science building has become the alternative place for students to gather to study. With the building closing at nine o’clock it has become harder for students to get a late-night study session in. There are not too many downfalls to the new science building. 

In consideration this being the newest renovation and by far being the best building on campus many students don’t have any improvement ideas. One thing they wish for is later hours, so study spots can be used more. “I pretty much love everything, but I do wish there were more “private” study rooms”, noted Sophomore Jada Barnes. 

All students surveyed agreed that the building was worth the money.  One student said it was a good selling point to future students to get them to attend Marian. This also shows the current students that Marian is on the up and coming and a place willing to invest your future in.  

“I am in the science building way more often than other buildings, even if I don’t have classes there during the day”, Sophomore Dominique Barbee said. The students that were surveyed said they find their selves in the building more times throughout the day than any other building.  

On average of the students who took the survey ranked the building a 9 out of 10. “The building is very spacious and feels like home”, said Sophomore Mia McDonald. “Marian University needed this facelift”, said Junior Kadeesha Duncan. The students at Marian University APPROVE of the newly renovated science building.

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