Halloween Never Disappoints

Gracie Thies, Editor/Webmaster

The revenge of Michael Myers still lives on. If you happened to miss the other movies from the past, this one might give you a run for your money. Michael’s sister, niece, and great niece are featured in the movie along with some hard-core blood gushing scenes. I highly recommend dodging this film if you can’t stand gushing blood or stabbing scenes. 

Michael strikes again when his prison bus crashes or is highjacked. His sister Laurie Strode, has been preparing for this moment for years and finally the time as come. Laurie’s built her house in hopes of eventually catching her brother that continues to murder every person in his path. Laurie’s daughter Karen has dealt with her mother’s paranoia her entire life and now has to live it out. Comic relief is also in the film to give a break from all the horror.  

Halloween deserves a four out of five-star rating. There are good graphics and the plot makes sense if you have followed all the other movies from the past. Even if you’re just looking for a classic horror film with some humor, it’s worth the hour and 30 minutes of your time. This is a very popular choice for people around the time that Halloween comes around since a classic Michael Myers movie is a can’t miss.  

Going to a scary movie is a good idea for a potential date even if it may just be with friends. Movies are five dollars on Tuesday and five dollars on Thursday with a student ID. I recommend going with at least one other person because there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll be jumping into their arms at least once. 

The theatre’s vintage vibe puts an even scarier spin on the movie. Definitely lock your doors and windows at night, otherwise Michael might get you in your sleep. Hide all the knives and anything with a sharp end within reach. Warn your friends and family that Michael could be out there somewhere looming in the dark.