Library Asking for Students’ Suggestions

Library Asking for Students' Suggestions

Greg Robinson, Reporter

Although the library may no longer have any of the study room, there are new things that the library is trying to implement. The library is now offering video games that you are allowed to check out as well as board games and puzzles. They have tried to make more of an effort to make students feel included as they are walking in by offering snacks as well as greetings. 

One thing the library is realizing is that students are not spending as much time there as they used to. Is that because the change in hours, the learning and writing center being moved or the fact that you can print almost anywhere on campus? 

One student told me that they feel as if they can no longer concentrate while there. They feel as if the library has become too loud and that they can’t focus.  Accommodations could be made so it is a lot more comfortable for students.  

I talked with Kathryn Johnston, director of the library, about some of the concerns she had for the library. Johnson said that she would love to hear what students are saying about the library or what more they have to do to make students comfortable. The reason the hours have changed in the library is because that they want their workers to be able to get home at reasonable time. When security was in the Administration Building, the students would have a safety net to help them get home. With them no longer being there, student workers at the library don’t have a partner to walk them home, which can be a safety hazard. They also noticed that they weren’t getting as many large groups of students during the 10pm-12am shift as they were hoping.  

The real question is what do students want changed? Better study spaces, or more one on one conversations with the library?