Helpful Study Tips as End of Semester Nears

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Helpful Study Tips as End of Semester Nears

Kate Dombrowski, Reporter

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Marian students are now facing the last six weeks of the semester. This is the time for most of us to get our grades up and give ourselves a little more cushion for finals.  

One of the most important things for school work is planning. To plan effectively, keep a calendar of when your assignments are due. If you are the type of person that cannot keep a planner to save your life, it might be easier to keep a list of assignments and their due dates in notes on your phone.  

Keep in mind how long it takes you to complete an assignment. Putting homework off until the last minute is a common mistake. Often times it takes longer than you anticipate, as distractions come up too easily. By the time you get it done, it’s three am, your tired for the rest of the day and get a barely-passing grade on the paper. When you judge how long an assignment is going to take, make sure you’re being honest with yourself—how often are you distracted by your phone? Will you get distracted by roommates?  

It is also important to create a plan for your assignment. If it’s a paper, make an outline for it and find sources according to it. If it’s an exam, know how you study best. Flash cards are a common way to study for tests and sometimes just the act of writing on the subject matter. Don’t forget that study guides don’t always include everything that’s on the test, so skim over your notes from class. That way you are refreshed on everything that could be on the test.  

Everyone has a studying strategy that works best for them and flash cards might not be yours. When you’re studying, keep in mind how well it is working for you. If it doesn’t seem to be effective, regroup and find a new strategy. Also keep in mind how accurate your time estimate was.  

Don’t forget to take breaks while you are studying. A lot of people are distracted by their phones when they study. You can reduce some of the distraction by scheduling a break to have a snack and check your phone. Make sure you set the amount of time your break will be. If your studying for a long block of time, a quick workout in the middle can be beneficial.  

Another big key to studying is making sure you have the right study environment. Sometimes it is most convenient to do homework in your room, but the most distractions tend to be there. If you have a hard time finding a study space, you can try the library, Erbert’s and Gerbert’s, or the study spaces in Stayer and the Science building.  

The most important thing is to keep yourself healthy. Allow yourself to eat at least three meals a day. Food is an important part of health that effects studying. Good study snacks include fruits, peanuts, string cheese, trail mix, and dark chocolate.  It is imperative that students get eight hours of sleep as well. Make sure you plan ahead of your assignments to reward yourself with healthy sleep.  

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