Recap of Marian’s “Lit”uation


From left to right: Jada Barnes, Kandi Holmes, Emily Bizub, and Jamierra Givens are slaying in their 90s fits in front of the retro backdrop.

Shana Risby, Reporter

Marian is “lit? That is the question that everyone is asking after a successful 80s vs. 90s-themed party last Thursday.

Just imagine you are checking your mail or passing through in the HSC at 9 and suddenly you hear screaming. It’s not bad screaming like somebody just got beat in ping pong – it’s a different type of scream. Followed by screaming you can feel the ground shake and hear music that you feel like you know. Lights are flashing different colors as you approach the source of the sound. Wait, is that a disco ball you see? Yes, it is! Balloons cover the floor and there were 80s and 90s backdrops for photo opportunities. Free food and drinks are on the tables as well as the classic slap on wristbands and cool neon colored sunglasses.  

Just wait, there’s more – a live DJ! The floor-shaking music came from Lawrence University’s own DJ KingSzn, pronounced “king season,” (Instagram: @djkingszn). He took the crowd through the 80s with classic hits, like “Super Sonic” by JJ Fade, to “Rollin’” with Kid ’N Play. Trailing through the 90s, he gave vibes from Michael Jackson, Biggie, 2pac, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, MC Hammer, and many more classics. Not only this, but he brought people back with current hits from Cardi B, Bruno Mars, and Migos. DJ KingSzn was also interactive, asking students periodically if they were having a good time. KingSzn even hopped off stage to dance with the students and allowed them to hop on stage with him while he was spinning. Freshman Tia Jordan even recalls, “I just got up on stage and started dancing, he was even hyping me up. It was so much good energy.”

Now, you might be wondering – how was this all possible? It was all because of a major collaboration between the RA’s of Townhouse and Cedar Creek along with the Black Student Union. Together, they were able to bring the first “lit”uation – a “lit situation,” or a high energy party – to Marian University.

With over 75 students in attendance, this was one of the biggest on-campus events this year bringing different students together. In the crowd, students’ experiences were similar in that the 80s and 90s party was their first experience with an on-campus activity of this sort. The event lasted until midnight and there were still about 30 people rocking it on the dance floor. Students that typically don’t partake in on-campus events were shocked when they entered the HSC. “I never knew Marian could have that many people at dance party on a Thursday,” says junior, Brianna Horton. Now, because of this event, students are reconsidering the appeal of organized parties on campus.  

The overall experience appealed to students. Freshman Jamille Banks comments on the concept of a themed event, and says, “I liked the way it was set up as a throwback theme, where we could dress down like we were in the 90s.” There were people in knee-high socks, baggy clothes, light-colored eye shadow, leather jackets, and much more. In the photo above, Jada Barnes, Kandi Holmes, Jamerria Givens and Emily Bizub came through styling and profiling. Students at the event even created a soul train line and got the entire dance floor involved. Everybody was hitting their moves coming down the line, and an especially skilled girl even hit the ground and broke out the worm. The whole crowd went nuts!

This event shows that there is great potential to get students involved more on campus. Students crave experiences like this especially, because it gives them a unique piece of the college experience. The big question is, will campus continue to give students what they want – in the form of interactive and unique experiences like these?