Marian’s ACHA Men’s Ice Hockey Wraps Up Season


Photo used from Marian's ACHA DII Twitter page: The men gather at Star Center Ice Hockey Arena in Plano, Texas following their Nationals practice on Thursday, March 21st.

Emma Lewandowski, Webmaster

Marian’s ACHA Men’s Ice Hockey team has ended their historic season with a 29-6-2 record, compared to their 19-6-1 record from the 2017-18 season.  This season alone, the team clinched the regional championship, reclaimed the Hap Cup or “Phil,” and finally qualified to compete at the National Tournament. 

While the National Tournament in Frisco, Texas did not produce championship win the men fought hard for, Coach Christopher Frederickson was proud nonethelessand said, “It’s all about the experience… I told the guys, you have to realize what we’ve done, what we’ve accomplished to get to this point.” It’s tough to end a season with a loss at Nationals, but the team still learned valuable lessons. 

One of these lessons included the experience gained due to the shift in competition level, where senior forward Colin Wilson (#4) said“The competition at Nationals was much better than what we normally faced during the regular season.” Junior defenseman Miles Giorgione (#23) found the teams, “actually really refreshing… playing at such a high, competitive level always makes our team play better.” 

Frederickson, Wilson, and Giorgione all agreed that qualifying for the National tournament was the greatest season accomplishment prior to their Nationals appearance

Junior defenseman, #23, Miles Giorgione

Giorgione mentioned the men’s reluctance to repeat their “regionals curse,” and remembered that in the last two years the men have “barely missed out on the National tournament.”  

Frederickson recalled from the tournament that, “…we came in as a four seed in our pool,” which meant Marian was placed at “the lower end of the rankings.” Despite this obstacle, the men still, “…kept the National Championship team to five goals total… That’s kind of a small battle that we won.”  

As this was an especially memorable season for the seniors, Wilson commented that his own senior season was “unforgettable.” And in knowing that there were shoes to fill because of Wilson’s and other seniors graduating, Frederickson began the recruiting process at the beginning of the season.

Senior foward, #4, Colin Wilson

 With losing four senior forwards (#4 Colin Wilson, #9 Kirill Proskurin, #12 Jake Weldon, and #26 Devin Chmura), Frederickson will continue “looking for forwards… goal-scoring forwards… that know how to get to the areas, how to get the puck in the net.”  

With potential recruits slated for the 2019-20 season, there are additional preparations in the workings. “We’ve pretty much got our schedule set for next year,” said Frederickson. Along with schedule confirmation comes possible practice schedule changes, as Frederickson said, “sometimes less is more… Maybe we’ll do less games next year, kind of keep guys fresh.”  

The mental game, too, is a team aspect that Frederickson wishes to develop, and said, “I think we need to get a little bit, mentally, more tough… me and Coach Glomski have to think outside the box.”  

Giorgione is also looking into the future for next season and wondered, “Out of the returners, who is going to step up in place of some of the seniors we are losing.” Two players that may be stepping up in the future are a pair of “unsung heroes” that Frederickson saw to play reliable roles on the team. First with sophomore forward Sheamus Stoyle (#17)Frederickson said, “They call him ‘Skill Guy,’ but he’s not one of those guys where he’s over-flashy…kind of just the basic.” While Stoyle occupied the offensive end of the ice, freshman defenseman Jarod Lang (#24) held down the defense, and was what Frederickson describes as, “one of those shut-down defenseman.” 

Frederickson once again mentioned that in looking to next season, he does not want the returners to lose their “hunger.” He said, “We went 0-3 in the tournament, let’s go back… let’s go there and win some games.” While this season has come to a closethere is much to look forward to when the Sabres hit the ice once again in the fall.