Intern Spotlight: Tyler VanRossum


VanRossum holding the Most Valuable Player Award for Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Emma Lewandowski, Webmaster

Ever wondered what it’s like to be Giannis Antetokounmpo’s best friend? While Tyler VanRossum can’t give you insight into this, he does have extensive experience working with the Milwaukee Bucks. Through interning with the Bucks this summer, VanRossum has been given the opportunity to recruit talent for the Bucks Entertainment Teams and Milwaukee’s Got Talent, provide his own insight and ideas for the organization’s future, explore his departments of interest in marketing and sports and recreation management, plus he gained much more worthwhile experience that will aid in his future career.  

VanRossum’s experience with interning for the Wisconsin Herd and becoming a Brand Ambassador for the Bucks this past fall was key in securing the Bucks internship this summer. VanRossum “made connections,” while working with both of these organizations, and ended up finding “the Live Entertainment and Programming internship with the Bucks for the summer!” VanRossum excitedly recalls.

His time with the Bucks especially has been quite interesting in many ways according to VanRossum. One of the most unique aspects, VanRossum says, was “recruiting for our Bucks Entertainment Teams, and Milwaukee’s Got Talent.” During this, VanRossum was given the opportunity to “see the unique skills of several hundred people,” and give “insight as to what was something [he] had never seen before,” that could be added to the organization next season. Not only this, but VanRossum was pleasantly surprised by “how many different departments and people it takes to run a top of the line professional sports team.” He notes that, “maximizing the success of one spot of the organization,” was the primary method by which the Bucks ran their operations, which VanRossum “enjoyed… I would much rather look at one department from several different angles to be sure that what we are doing is to the absolute best of our capabilities.” 

In relation to moving forward within the world of professional sports, marketing, sports and recreation management and the like, VanRossum finds this internship with the Bucks “vital to [his] future career,” as this department, Game Operations/Entertainment, is where he is looking to remain upon graduating this upcoming fall. Both majors of Marketing and Sports and Recreation Management relate directly to this internship, as VanRossum states that not only is he “building [his] own personal brand and pitching creative and unique ideas to attract several different target markets to games,” but he is also managing “the duties and scheduling of the game-day staff members.”  

As one can tell, VanRossum’s internship with the Bucks has been nothing less than enriching. And while he did not become best friends with Giannis, VanRossum is still able to walk away from this internship knowing “how to plan, staff, and execute events in a way that both parties involved benefit.”