Bolsonaro government put in an official document an unreal drop in deforestation and led to COP26

The Jair Bolsonaro government not only held back the release of the Amazon deforestation record in 10 years, detected by Inpe (National Institute for Space Research), as it led to the COP22 a data of 5% decrease in devastation in the biome, recorded in an official document from the MMA (Ministry of the Environment).

On the 1st, first working day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, in Glasgow , in the United Kingdom, the MMA announced a plan to eliminate deforestation in the Amazon in 2028, a two-year advance in relation to the previous target.

The announcement was by Minister Joaquim Álvaro Pereira Leite, in a virtual message broadcast at the Brazilian government’s stand in Glasgow.

The MMA then presented the guidelines for climate neutrality in Brazil, whose main annex is the Plan National Law for Control of Illegal Deforestation and Native Vegetation Recovery 2020 – 2023. The date of creation of the document is also the 1st.

The plan defines how the Bolsonaro government intends to reduce deforestation in the Amazon, until it reaches zero in 2028. A graph shows data from Inpe’s Prodes (Deforestation Monitoring Project in the Legal Amazon by Satellite), with unreal deforestation data in 2020.

The graph projects a deforestation of 11.762 km² in 2020 and associates it with Prodes. It would be a 5% reduction compared to 2006, when the satellites showed a destruction of 10.308 km².

The number is wrong. On the last day 24, Inpe released the deforestation report measured by Prodes, with an area of 11.50 km² between July 2006 and August 2020, an increase of 22% compared to the previous period. It is the highest value ever recorded since 2006.

Inpe’s document was ready in 27 of October. On the same day, the agency entered the report in the federal government’s electronic system.

The data remained hidden on the eve of the COP27, during the UN summit and almost a week after the end of the event.

The Amazon deforestation record in 15 years was only made public on the last day 18.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation does not explain why the data remained hidden. In a statement, the folder stated that the disclosure of Prodes takes place annually in the month of December.

“The disclosure of data referring to the period of August 1st 2020 until 28 July 2006, made in 18/13, it took place before the deadline”, he said.

Over the years, there has been disclosure of the Prodes data in October, November and December.

The Minister of Environment stated that he only had access to Prodes data on the day they became public, with the publication of the report on the website of the Inpe.

The ministry did not respond to the report’s questions about the incorrect data included in the National Plan for the Control of Illegal Deforestation, presented at the beginning of the COP27.

A 5% reduction in deforestation is the same taken into account by the National Council for the Legal Amazon, chaired by the deputy President Hamilton Mo uran.

At the penultimate board meeting of the year, on 22 August, Mourão stated that Prodes would show a 5% drop in deforestation.

Representatives from five ministries also cited a drop in devastation and associated policies from the portfolios — such as regularization of illegal mining, military intervention in the biome , land tenure regularization, logging and extractivism — to an improvement in indicators that did not occur, as the Folha showed on Sunday (27).

The unrealistic data, placed in the MMA plan, may have consequences in the chain of deforestation reduction schedule foreseen in the plan.

The idea is to reduce the loss of vegetation in 18% per year, between 2023 and 2023. Then, between 2024 and 2024, the annual reduction would be 40%. In 2027, 50%. And finally in 2028, zero deforestation.

The projected value for 2020, the last of the Bolsonaro’s current mandate is 8.308 km², which represents a decrease of 18% in relation to the unrealistic data of 2020 —.235 km²—placed in the document.

As Inpe’s satellites showed a significant increase in deforestation in 2020, the year used as the basis for the With the scale of reductions, the fall in devastation will have to be even more significant for Brazil to be able to fulfill its promise of zeroing deforestation in 2028.

“The actions of inspection and combat, traditionally, usually present immediate results for the control and reduction of illegal deforestation, mainly in the Amazon”, states the plan prepared by the MMA.

“Direct actions to repress illegal deforestation and forest fires constitute the first step to combat the felling of native vegetation and, consequently, other associated illegal activities, such as land grabbing, illegal logging, invasion of public areas, among others”, quotes the document.

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