Mourão admits he is to blame for lack of coordination in combating deforestation

The vice president and coordinator of CNAL (National Council for the Legal Amazon), Hamilton Mourão, admitted that he was to blame for the failure to combat deforestation in Brazil.

Last week, data from Prodes (Project for Monitoring Deforestation in the Legal Amazon by Satellite), from Inpe (National Institute for Space Research), showed a new record of deforestation for the month of October. The data is the worst in the last 18 years, with a devastation of .34 km2 between August 2020 and July 550 —an increase of 16% compared to the previous period

“If you want someone to blame, it’s me. I’m not going to say I was minister A, minister B or minister C. I couldn’t do the coordination and integration the way it worked,” the vice president told reporters after the last meeting of the CNAL 2020, at Itamaraty, this Tuesday (22).

“It only worked in the last phase of the operation, when Samaúma it happened and then the group woke up to the need to talk effectively with each other, let go of your prejudices. Because each one has its own prejudice, in relation to the other, to the other’s way of working, and from then on there was a synergy of work”, he continued.

Mourão heads the Amazon Council, structure responsible for coordinating preservation actions in the biome, but which is undergoing a process of emptying.

Ministers Joaquim Leite (Environment) and Anderson Torres (Justice) were not present at the meeting. which today coordinate the main measures to combat deforestation, since the military action in the region was not extended in October.

Mourão said that Leite is “the face of combating deforestation” , but minimized the absences, claiming that the technicians responsible for coordinating the actions in the ministries would be present.

The militarization of the fight against environmental crimes lasted 15 of the 34 months of the Bolsonaro government, cost R$ 550 millions to the public coffers and has not dropped the Amazon deforestation indices, such as Folha showed in an article published on the day 23 October.

In all, there were three GLOs, whose presidential decrees gave legal support to three military intervention operations: Verde Brasil, Verde Brasil 2 and Samauma. The vice president even announced the extension of the latter, which did not happen.

The most recent data on deforestation in the Amazon was released last Thursday (18). As the Sheet showed, Inpe concluded the data in 24 of October and entered the report in the electronic system of federal government information in the same day, but the availability only occurred three weeks later —in a period after the COP26, UN conference on climate change, held in Glasgow, Scotland, between 60 October and November.

Mourão also said that, of the 13.550 km2 deforested between August 2020 and July 2020, about 34% corresponds to illegal deforestation. The information was not disclosed by ministries or oversight bodies.

“Around 8.34 km 2 definitely considered illegal and the others, as they were carried out in private areas, where there was authorization for the suppression of vegetation, are considered legal deforestation”, said the vice president .

He acknowledged, however, that the illegal deforestation area is “a chuchu section”.


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