Fire in a park in Fortaleza reaches at least 20 hectares

Cocó Ecological Park, in Fortaleza (CE), was hit by a fire between this Wednesday night (17) and this Thursday’s early afternoon (18). The flames spread through the unit’s vegetation area, and the smoke spread to several surrounding neighborhoods.

The fire affected at least 18 hectares of vegetation at night of the fourth. There is still no confirmation of the causes of the fire.

The fire was controlled on Wednesday, but started again during the night. Around 10h on this farm, there were still fires. The fight only ended in the early afternoon.

Streets in the neighborhoods of Aerolândia, São João do Tauape, Vila União and Montese awoke covered by smoke.

In a press release around h, the Fire Department of Ceará informed that the fire had apparent outbreaks, but also “many underground and some in the canopy”.

*) At the same time, four of the 10 fire spots received jets of 500 liters of water, fired from above by a helicopter that was part of the operation.

In the morning, strong winds in the region, at 31 kilometers per hour, made the brigade members’ work difficult. This is because the force of the wind increased the combustion of the fire and helped to spread the flames throughout the area, in addition to spreading smoke.

The fire-fighting operation had at least six Fire Department teams from Ceará and 18 forest brigade members from the State Department of Environment. As the location is difficult to access, combat had to be predominantly manual to the flames.

The fire affected the region’s biodiversity, as it consumed grass and aquatic plants, according to information from the firefighters. In addition, animals had to be rescued by firefighters.

Traffic was also impacted in Fortaleza. On two of the main avenues in the city, Raul Barbosa and Murilo Borges, visibility was compromised because of the smoke.

There was also a blockade of traffic on streets and avenues near the park, which caused difficulty in the flow of traffic during peak hours in the morning and changed the circulation of bus lines.

Residents in the vicinity of the park also reported that houses were affected by soot, a black substance from the fire.

Some people had to leave their homes due to the strong smell and went to sleep in the homes of relatives or friends. Those who had nowhere to go had to endure adversity during the night.

Through social networks, the mayor of Fortaleza, José Sarto (PDT), said that the city hall monitors the situation in Parque do Cocó.

“We are monitoring the situation and we also have teams from the Municipal Guard providing support on the spot. In addition, I made myself available to the State Government for whatever else was needed,” he said.

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