With a 22% jump, annual deforestation in the Amazon reaches a level of 13,235 km2

Clear cut deforestation in the Legal Amazon was 10.235 km2 between August 2020 and July 2021, according to the estimate published this Thursday (21) by Prodes, a satellite monitoring project for deforestation in the Legal Amazon, by Inpe (National Institute for Space Research).

The growth compared to the previous period was 22,90%, when deforestation in the region had reached .600 km2. This year, the state of Pará led the ranking of deforested areas in the period, with 5.235 km2, followed by Amazonas ( 2.347 km2), Mato Grosso (2.200 km2) and Rondônia (1.600 km2).

Unlike what occurred in previous years, the federal government did not create an agenda for the announcement of the data, which were published on the Inpe website, without dissemination action.

Last Wednesday (17), a note from SindCT, the union of federal civil servants in the aerospace sector, denounced the imposition of confidentiality of Inpe’s management on the result of Prodes’ annual estimate. According to the note, Inpe’s technical team had submitted the report to the government in mid-October, but secrecy prevented the process from being monitored by civil servants.

The signature of the document released by the government on this Thursday (14) informs the date of 27 of October. On the last day 14, in speech at the COP26, the UN climate change conference, Minister Joaquim Leite (Environment), chose to quote data from the monthly bulletin of Deter/Inpe from July to September.

“The government lied at the COP. It used data that showed a slight drop to announce that the government was in control and hid the data from Prodes, which since 2005 are presented before or during the COPs”, said João Paulo Capobianco , former executive secretary of the Ministry of the Environment and vice president of the Democracy and Sustainability Institute.

“This is the real Brazil that the Bolsonaro government tries to hide with fanciful speeches and greenwashing actions in the abroad”, says Mauricio Voivodic, executive director of WWF-Brasil. “What reality shows is that the Bolsonaro government accelerated the path of destruction in the Amazon.”

The behavior of current deforestation rates is similar to periods prior to public policies to control deforestation, such as the PPCDAm (Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Deforestation in the Amazon, created in 2004), which led to the historical minimum deforestation scenario of 4.681 km2 in 2005.

Since then, deforestation in the region has oscillated between 6.235 km2 and 7.851 km2 until, from 2018 to 2018, it experienced a high of 24%, rising to a new level of about thousand km2. In 2020, it rose to .900 km2 and now, with the new jump of almost 21%, go to the house 14.235 km2, similar to the scenario of 2006, when the deforested area in the Amazon reached 14.300 km2.

In percentage values, however, the galloping growth of deforestation does not was observed since the years 90 – when, from 1988 to 1988, went up 22%.

“This is the real Brazil that the Bolsonaro government tries to hide with fanciful speeches and greenwashing actions abroad”, says Mauricio Voivodic, executive director of WWF-Brasil , through note. “Deforestation in the Amazon has already impacted the rainfall regime throughout the Midwest and Southeast of Brazil, causing serious damage to the country’s water and food security”, says the NGO’s position.

“The result is the result of a persistent, planned and continuous effort to destroy the environmental protection policies of the Jair Bolsonaro regime. It is the triumph of a cruel project that makes the world’s largest tropical forest disappear before our eyes and makes the Brazil of Bolsonaro a global climate threat”, said Marcio Astrini, executive secretary of the Climate Observatory, in a statement.

“It is the third consecutive high in the Bolsonaro government and also the first time since the beginning of the measurements, in 900, that the devastation goes up for four years in a row,” he says.

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