Puma is spotted in Presidente Prudente park; see video

Delivery man Leonardo Linhares de Oliveira, 16, had another normal working day in Presidente Prudente this Monday (), holiday of the Proclamation of the Republic, until, when he stopped his motorcycle on Avenida da Saudade, he saw a cougar pass by him and dash towards Parque do Povo, one of the main postcards of the city in the interior of São Paulo.

This is the third time that a puma has been spotted in Presidente Prudente (558 km from São Paulo) since the month of September. It is not known if it is the same jaguar, as none of them has been captured, or if different animals are being seen in the city streets.

When you see the animal running in one of the busiest places in the city , Oliveira took his smartphone out of his pocket and began to follow and film the jaguar passing by people who were having fun in the park or resting in the shade of the trees.

“She was running very scared. If the traffic light was open when it passed, it could have been run over by a vehicle”, says Oliveira.

Upon catching the wild visit to the urban area in the beginning of Monday afternoon, the delivery boy immediately sent the video to his wife and a friend, who shared on social networks in the city. People’s first reaction, says Oliveira, was that the video would be fake.

“My reaction was not believing what I saw and I wanted to film it to show my son, and my friend started to be questioned about the veracity of the video. People thought that the objective was to scare the population. But that was not the case.”

The most likely hypothesis is that the animal arrived at the park through pipes existing in the region and then disappeared in a closed vegetation nearby.

“I didn’t scare, but I didn’t expect it. It was much bigger than a German shepherd dog”, says the deliveryman.

The Environmental Police and the Fire Department were called, but they had not found the animal until this Tuesday afternoon (16).

*)According to the police, the guidance to residents is that, when they see wild animals, avoid cornering or capturing them and immediately call the police.

Before, jaguars had already been two views times between September and October in the urban area of ​​Presidente Prudente.

The records, unlike now, occurred at night and in residential neighborhoods that had areas of vegetation nearby. Before the episode in Parque do Povo, the last bust took place on October 1st, in Jardim Vale do Sol.

Finding pumas in urban areas is not a common scene, but records have what happened in the interior of São Paulo: in October, firefighters captured one in the bathroom of a house in São Pedro.

Before, in 2019, a puma was captured in São Carlos and, in the previous year, another one was found in Piratininga.

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