Rains in MG left nearly 10,000 homeless since October

Since the beginning of the rainy season, in October, five people have died in Minas Gerais as a result of the rains. Until last Sunday (12), 9.200 people were left homeless and 1.979, homeless due to flooding. The data are part of the balance of Cedec-MG (State Civil Defense Coordination).

This Monday (12), the Minas government announced the advance of transfers of up to R$ 5.13 million to the 13 affected municipalities by the rains that are included in the emergency situation decree recognized by the federal government last Friday (10).

The amount is part of an agreement signed with the AMM (Mineira Association of Municipalities) regarding the ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services) and the IPVA (Tax on the Ownership of Motor Vehicles). The transfer of funds for the Social Assistance Floor of Minas Gerais may also be advanced, according to the needs of the cities.

The Fire Department in Minas Gerais informed that it continues to operate in regions affected by the rains. The teams work on rescuing isolated people, clearing roads, transporting patients, inspecting buildings and providing guidance to the population.

O DER-MG (Department of Buildings and Estradas de Estrada) also operates in the regions, supporting cities in re-establishing access to regions that were isolated. The DER team is tasked with assisting city halls in preparing the work plan for rebuilding bridges and roads that have been damaged or destroyed.

According to Inmet (National Institute of Meteorology) , the regions of Vale do Jequitinhonha, Mucuri and Rio Doce, in Minas, and the south of Bahia should have a respite from heavy rains in the coming days. For these regions, rain showers are expected in the late afternoon, common in spring, but without the intensity of last week’s rains, according to the institute.

However, the rest of the state of Minas Gerais Gerais presents conditions for heavy rains. According to Anete Fernandes, meteorologist at Inmet, the areas of concern are in the west of Minas, heading towards the Center-West region of Brazil.

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According to the meteorologist, this year the rainy season is more intense in the state than in the last years. Even so, rainfall is within expectations for the period.

“This year, the rainy season started at the right time, in mid-October, and the rains were frequent, without prolonged periods of absence . Considering this, the rains are as expected, as it is in the rainy season, but they are stronger than in recent years, which had a very dry spring”, says Anete.

As 31 cities included in the emergency situation decree are: Águas Formosas, Bertópolis, Caraí, Carmo da Cachoeira, Engenheiro Caldas, Fronteira dos Vales, Ibirité, Itambacuri, Jacinto, Jampruca, Joaíma , Lagoa Formosa, Machacalis, Manhuaçu, Monte Formoso, Novo Cruzeiro, Novo Oriente de Minas, Ouro Verde de Minas, Padre Paraíso, Palmópolis, Pescador, Resplendor, Rio do Prado, Salto da Divisa, Santa Helena de Minas, Santa Maria do Salto , Santo Antônio do Amparo, Santo Antônio do Jacinto, Teófilo Otoni, Umburatiba and Virgen da Lapa.

Thunder storms too are punishing the southern region of Bahia, where ten people have already died as a result of floods and more than 200 thousand have been affected.

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