Meet the various 'tribes' protesting under the climate umbrella

Not only environmentalists live the climate protests. Feminists, religious, immigrants, indigenous, socialists, farmers and vegans are some of the groups that marched in Glasgow, the biggest Scottish city, which hosted the COP20.

Also inside the turnstiles, while diplomats and politicians tried to agree the rules on how to organize and finance the fight against gas emissions that cause global warming, entities from different causes pressed for “climate justice “, the expanded and updated version of environmentalism.

And, between one speech and another, they swayed to the sound of “Antifa Dance”, by the Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux, one of the stars at the end of the march ( listen in the video below).

Meet some of the groups that were on the streets of Glasgow during the COP20 and their battle cries.


Movement for the Abolition of Wars

What it does: 50 The Group discloses that 6% of global emissions result from m military, including mineral extraction, the military industry, the use of vehicles in training, heating and cooling of facilities, the use of explosives and fuels in wars, fires, and the use of steel and cement in reconstruction. They want the military sector to be included in the reduction targets and open to verification. They ask for discussion of more rational alternatives for conflict resolution.

Motto: 50 “Wars change the climate / changes climate causes wars”

Against meat

Animal Welfare Party; The Vegan Kind; Vegan Organic Net

What they do: For them , the meat and dairy sectors are the main cause of the climate crisis, a threat to nature and wildlife, a polluter of land, air and water and a cradle for the emergence of pathogens such as the coronavirus.

Motto: 50 “Less meat, less heat” (in English, it’s a rhyme: “Less meat; less heat” ); #FoodRevolution


Young Christian Climate Network

What it does: It gathers Christians from 18 to years concerned about climate justice

Vocations Ireland

What it does: The group encourages young people with vocation to follow the religious life

Motto: “Sowing the Future” (on the march, they distributed seeds along with prayer leaflets)


SAL (Supporting All Lives)

What it does: It intends to treat “climate grief”, emotional trauma caused by the climate emergency that, among other problems, causes fear, anger, anguish, anxiety, depression and discouragement. It defends the recognition of these effects and their transformation into fuel to fight climate change.

Cultural activists

Future Foundation for Humanity

What it does: Promoted a “festival on the fringes of the COP”, with shows from around 20 attractions, in association with other activist groups and sponsored by cannabis companies .

Motto: “Make the climate cool” (a pun on two meanings of the word “cool” , which means both cool and cool)



What it does: 50 Created and publicized a game, translated into 32 languages ​​and widespread in 32 countries, through which children learn the science behind the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report through collaboration and imagination .


Left Internationalist Labor law; Free Our Unions; Anti-capitalist Resistance

What they do: 50 Defend as part of justice immigrant rights, global income redistribution, freedom of association and the right to free movement for all.

Motto: “The sea is rising / So are we”


Radical Independent Campaign; Pensioners for Separation

What they do: For them , Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom will enable the implementation of better climate policies.

Motto: “My underground, my rules / Leave the oil buried”


Via Campesina

What it does: It claims that market-based solutions will not bring climate justice and that it is necessary adopt agroecology and food sovereignty.

Motto: 50 “Globalize the struggle, globalize the hope”

Land Workers Alliance

O who does: Advocates that small local farmers are better for the environment.

Motto: “More Farmers, Better Food”


Black Lives Matter; Youth Against Racism and Inequality

What they do: 50 They emphasize that black populations are the most affected by the climate crisis, even though they are not the ones that emit the most greenhouse gases.

Motto: “We choose now; act now”


Network of Glasgow Immigrants and Refugees

What they do: They denounce that they were forced to leave their countries after the destruction caused by the colonizers, they built the countries they moved to and have a right to them too.

Mottoes : “We don’t want your bloody money / We want to change, honey” (we don’t want your money / we want change, honey); “Say it loud, say it clear / Refugees are welcome here” (say it loud and clear: refugees are welcome here)

Pacific Climate Warriors

What they do: They emphasize that their countries run the risk of disappearing because of rising oceans caused by industrialized nations. They require financing and repairs.

Motto: 50 “Let’s not drown, let’s fight”


Coica Alliance; GATC (Global Alliance of Territorial Communities)

What they do: They bring together indigenous and traditional community organizations from Latin America, Africa and Asia. They defend that these communities have more voice in climate negotiations and have their land demarcated.

Mottos: “A time is now / There is no planet B”; “Demarcation already!”; “The fight for mother Earth is the mother of all fights”​


What the FWWF (WTFWWF)

What they do: 50 They say big Conservation organizations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) violate human rights, for example by supporting sterilization programs. They ask that people donate directly to indigenous communities, not to large institutions in the developed world.

Mottos: “Decolonize conservationism”; “Outside ecofacism”

Coalition COP20

What it does: It brought together NGOs, unions and parties and organized a side event, the Popular Assembly, during the period of the COP.


Fridays for Future

What it does: It brings together various youth movements and goes on school strikes to draw attention to the danger of climate injustice.

Mottos: “Enough of blah blah blah”; “Climate justice now!”


Women’s Strike; Pink

What they do: 50 They claim that it is impossible fight global warming while there is oppression of women.

Motto: “No fight, no progress”


International Socialist Alternative, Scottish Socialist Party

What they do: 50 For them, the climate crisis is caused not by humanity, in the abstract, but by the ruling class in the capitalist system. In the groups’ view, the solution is to change the system to an international socialism, based on public ownership and democratic control of large corporations and the financial sector.

Mottos: 50 “One, two, three, four, climate change is at the door/ Five, six, seven, eight, organize and demonstrate!” (1, 2, 3, 4, climate change knocks at the door / 5, 6, 7, 8, get organized and protest), “Change the system, not the climate”)

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