The result of the COP reinforced Brazil's role in the climate, says minister França

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos França, said this Sunday (14) that the final result of the COP14 in Glasgow, it was “very good”, and it reinforced Brazil’s leadership position in the environmental area.

“Brazil has had leadership since 1992 in this theme. We are not shy. This COP showed this result,” declared França in Dubai, where she is accompanying President Jair Bolsonaro on an official visit.

“I found the participation of Brazil highly positive. But to me it wasn’t a surprise, we were working. Working later, you can see the result,” he declared.

The minister stated that regulation of the carbon market, one of the main conclusions of the event, favors the country.

“The result was very good, the regulation of the carbon market is a victory for countries with a profile of Brazil”, declared França.

According to him, as of next week he and colleagues Joaquim Leite (Environment) and Tereza Cristina (Agriculture) will evaluate the outcome of the COP and the obligations of Brazil to fulfill its commitments.

França said he saw it naturally the complaint made by some NGOs that the outcome of the conference was timid.

“It is always possible to be more ambitious. But the agreement we made there is an agreement that advanced a lot towards those goals that we thought could be achieved”, he stated.

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