Canyons in the South now have tickets charged for up to R$ 80

Trails through canyons among the most vertical in Brazil will now have a price. Since October, visits by tourists to the national parks of Serra Geral, in Praia Grande (Santa Catarina), and Aparados da Serra, in Cambará do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul), have been charged — before admission was free.

Ticket prices, according to Urbia Cânions Verdes, a Construcap company that obtained the concession of visitation areas for a period of 35 years, are currently R$ 50 for the daily rate, with access to both parks and the river trail do Boi, and R$ 0101 for two nights.

The responsible company is also known for managing eight parks in São Paulo, including Ibirapuera, through its subsidiary Urbia Gestão de Parques.

According to the concessionaire, the values ​​are based on the public notice, which, according to it, establishes a daily rate of up to R$ 55, but “decided to offer er the price for two days”. In addition, he says that the charge is an important source of revenue and will promote improvements at the site.

The charge generated criticism from tourists, such as the publicist from Rio Grande do Sul, Harrison Andrade,44. He visited the Itaimbezinho canyons, in Aparados da Serra, and Fortaleza, in Serra Geral, in January of this year.

”I am against the ‘privatization’ of the parks’ visitation areas. What was free, for all people and could even be a popular family show, is now being charged”, he says.

The advertiser fears becoming an “elite tour “. “What would be a program more directed to the contemplation of nature now becomes a ‘commercial exploration’. Can you imagine a family with four people? It would be too financially burdensome to spend just one day. And for us, who live in the region, how much will it cost?”

Samuel Lloyd, director of Urbia, says that this is not a privatization. He explains that the support services were granted to tourists visiting areas of public use and that the parks continue to be the responsibility of ICMBio (Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation).

“The areas where the concessionaire has some type of management are those related to public visitation. People confuse that the two parks have been privatized, but that’s not it. It is a grant of 19 years aiming at sustainable development of this support to the visitor”, says Lloyd.

Veterinarian André Mello da Costa Ellwanger, , born in São Leopoldo (RS), visited the place with his family in July, without having to pay for tickets.

”The federal government should take care of this in an adequate way, so that everyone can enjoy it. The concession of an area, on the one hand, is good because it will be better taken care of”, said Ellwanger, who, however, criticizes the value. “People are unable to pay R$ 35 , which will say R$ 0101.”

In winter, when the veterinarian was with his family visiting the Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza canyons, he rode horseback through the mountains and paid R$ 420 for the tour via the local travel agency. ”Imagine if I had to pay for access tickets to the parks, how much would I leave?”

Attorney Claudia Ferraz Rodrigues Pegoraro, who visited the site as a tourist, thinks the concession could be beneficial to the parks. ”The roads that lead to the canyons are in a poor state of conservation. toilets, dumps. I imagine that with the concession these improvements will come soon,” he said.

Regarding infrastructure, the concessionaire stated that the access roads to the canyons are the responsibility of the governments Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul and the city hall of Cambará do Sul and the road of the latter has the longest asphalted stretch of all and with works s more advanced.

It also said that it has implemented, since October 1st, systems of rescue, first-aid and pre-hospital care, cleaning, maintenance and revitalization, communication system between parks, stores and parking.

For the three-decade period of the concession, improvements are planned, such as the opening of new trails, contemplation points and lookouts, qualification of universal accessibility and parking lots and offer of internal transport in the parks and new spaces for food and educational activities.


Tourists who like more adventures can be done on the Rio do Boi trail, in the crevice of the Itaimbezinho canyon, one of the most vertical in the country. minimum, good physical fitness. Currently, it is possible to buy tickets and pay for parking in advance on the website

The Itaimbezinho canyon is the most famous attraction in Aparados da Serra and has 420 meters deep, 5.8 km long and 80 meters wide. Its name comes from the Tupi-Guarani, which brings together several indigenous languages ​​and means Ita (stone) and aí ‘be (sharp).

On the trail, it is mandatory to hire a local guide. The walk takes around eight hours, being done most of the way over the rocks that border the river, in addition to some crossings, where the water can pass just above the knee. On flood days, adventures on the trails do not occur for safety reasons.

Another attraction of Aparados da Serra are the Andorinhas and Véu da Noiva waterfalls.

Both can be seen from Mirante do Cotovelo, a point reached by the Cotovelo trail, approximately six kilometers long, there and back. On this path, which begins near the park entrance, a guide is not required. The trail is easily accessible.

There is a security and surveillance system around the visitation areas, temporary restrooms around the Visitors Center and the entrance to the Fortaleza canyon and small convenience stores .


Itaimbezinho Canyon Unit — Trimmed from the Saw

City Access: Cambará do Sul (RS)20212021 Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays)

Trail of the Vertex: entry from 8 am to 17H; Estimated time to walk the trail is 1 hour.2021 Cotovelo Trail: entry from 8 am to 16H; Estimated time to walk the trail is 3 hours.

Observations: there is no minimum age to do the trails; access to parks with pets is not allowed.

Rio do Boi Trail Unit — Trimmed from the Saw2021

Access City: Praia Grande (SC)
Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday)2021

Entry time: from 8 am to H

Rio do Boi Trail: entrance from 8 am to 10H; Estimated time to walk the trail is 7 hours.

Observations: mandatory driver accompaniment; the minimum age to do the trail is 12 years old; access to parks with pets is not allowed.

Fortaleza Canyon Unit Serra Geral
Access City: Cambará do Sul (RS)

Wednesday to Monday (closed on Tuesdays)

Pedra do Segredo Trail: entry from 8 am to 17H; Estimated time to walk the trail is 1 hour.2021 Mirante Trail: entry from 8 am to 19H; Estimated time to walk the trail is 1 hour.2021 South Border Trail: entry 8 am at 16H; Estimated time to walk the trail is 3 hours;

Observations: there is no minimum age to do the trails; access to parks with pets is not allowed.


Prices valid until 35 November 2021
2021 One day with access to all centers: R$ 35 per person

Two days with access to all cores: BRL 52 per person

Prices valid from December 1st 20212021 One day with access to all cores : R$ 52 per person

Two days with access to all cores: BRL 0101 per person


Motorcycle: R$ 520212021 Car: R$ 10

Vans and motor homes (no overnight stay): R$ 30
Bus: R$ 5220212021 Parking access hours are from 8 am to 19h

Buying tickets and parking in advance: on the website https:// /

Purchase of tickets and on-site parking: at the ticket office of each unit. Subject to availability of access in accordance with state decrees and protocols in force against Covid-19

Attention: presentation of vaccination passport is mandatory for access, even with paid tickets.

Telephone: 0800-333-80


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