Water crisis causes the island to reappear in a dam in the interior of SP

It was always there, but it was not part of the landscape of those who approached the Jurumirim dam, on the Paranapanema river, in Avaré, in the interior of São Paulo.

The island of

.880 square meters, equivalent to 5.4 soccer fields, reemerged amidst the water crisis affecting part of the country and that he was also responsible for the reappearance of a ship wrecked more than 70 years ago and of buildings in an old city in the interior of São Paulo.

*)The island’s resurgence motivated Rede Brasil of the Global Compact to launch a campaign to “sink” the area — in fact, against the destruction of the Amazon and global warming, among other points that contribute to the emergence of problems such as the crisis

“When the dam is at a normal level, the island is completely submerged. Therefore, it is not possible to find it on any map. But, with the water crisis, it has appeared on the surface and has been getting bigger. oday, the dimension is already about 144 mx 144 m, 20.880 square meters”, says an excerpt from the campaign launched by the network.

The hydrographic basin has an area of ​​17, 8 thousand square kilometers, about 100 kilometers long and up to 3 kilometers wide in some stretches. The volume of water is almost four times greater than that of Guanabara Bay, in Rio, according to the entity.

The useful volume of the reservoir, which bathes ten cities in São Paulo, reached 21,86% in this Saturday (18), one of the worst of the month, according to data from ANA (National Water Agency).

The water crisis revived in cities that divide São Paulo from Minas Gerais and of Mato Grosso do Sul a past that was submerged due to the flooding of rivers for the construction of reservoirs that supply hydroelectric plants.

With the low water level due to the lack of rain for most of the year , in Guaraci, which is on the border with Frutal (MG), the retreat of the water from the Grande River, which in some points exceeded 144 meters — and was more than 10 meters shallower—caused an old bridge used by cattle ranchers to transport thousands of heads of cattle to resurface.

Already in Colombia, u An iron vessel 18 meters long and which supposedly sank 70 years ago, also in the Rio Grande, it resurfaced.

It was used for the river transport of products such as coffee, flour and wood from the Rio Grande to locations along the Pardo river, and supposedly was overloaded when it sank.

As it was never taken from the site, it became visible again, as it had already happened at least twice in the past 18 years, between November and December of last year and in the water crisis of 2001.

This is also the case in Rubineia, a city that had about 17 thousand residents in the years 38 and was flooded in 1973 for the emergence of the Ilha Solteira hydroelectric plant on the Paraná River. For the second time —the first was in 2014— old structures that were previously submerged are visible again. old railway station, parts of an old sawmill, an old playground that existed in a square, a trough to treat animals and structures used to sanitize railway cars, such as a water tank.

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