Ribeirinhos are killed in a massacre in an area of ​​deforestation in PA

In a note signed by 48 entities, the CPT (Pastoral Land Commission) and the SDDH (Paraense Society for the Defense of Human Rights) demanded a quick clarification of the slaughter of a family of three riverside dwellers in the municipality of São Félix do Xingu, 1.050 km southwest of Belém.

The bodies of José Gomes, Zé do Lago, 61, his wife Márcia Nunes Lisboa, 39, and daughter Joane Nunes Lisboa, 15, were found last Sunday (9), around the family’s house, on the island of Cachoeira do Mucura, on the Xingu River. All were shot. There were at least 15 capsules on site.

This information was collected by the CPT. Through the press office, the Civil Police told Folha that it cannot even confirm the name and age of the victims “so as not to interfere with the progress of the investigations”.

“Because of the type of weapon, the number of shots fired, the fact that none of the family’s belongings were taken, the way the killers surprised the victims by not allowing anyone to run and try to escape, it is about an execution, probably at the behest of someone”, says the note headed by the CPT, linked to the Catholic Church.

Zé do Lago’s family lived in the region for about 20 for years and participated in a turtle breeding project.

According to CPT, the area is part of the APA (Environmental Protection Area) Triunfo do Xingu , of state management. It is one of the conservation units with the most deforestation in the Legal Amazon, according to monitoring by Imazon (Instituto do Homem e do Meio Ambiente da Amazônia).

São Félix is ​​the municipality with the largest cattle herd in the country, with 2.4 million head of cattle in 2020, according to the IBGE.

In the last four decades, 62 workers and rural leaders were murdered in São Félix. None of these crimes were brought to trial, according to a survey by the CPT.

In view of the repercussion of the case, Governor Helder Barbalho (MDB) stated, on his Twitter account, that he spoke with the delegate-general of the Civil Police of Pará about the case and that an inquiry was opened to investigate the massacre. Until the conclusion of this text, no one had been arrested.

The CPT note indicates a lack of answers to the problem of deaths in the countryside in the south of Pará.

“In May 2021, the CPT and the SDDH presented to Segup (Secretariat of Public Security), a list of nine peasant leaders, murdered between 2017 and 2021 only in the southern and southeastern regions of the state where the crimes had not yet been clarified and those responsible identified and punished. The Secretary of Public Security requested 15 days to give an answer, but after eight months, no answer has been given”, says the text.

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