The scoop on security


Campus safety and security informational flyer.

Jazmyne Thomson, Writer

We’ve all heard about different crimes in the Fond du Lac area, from car theft, to house fires, to shootings. The only difference between these and the shooting that occurred on Sunday, January 19th, is how close it was to the place many of us call home for most of the year.  

Having been on Division Street, about four houses away from Marian, an event like this that happens within seeing distance from a college campus raises the question regarding just how security keeps us safe. And, in fact, there are many measures taken by security to protect the place we put our trust in to keep us safe. 

The first thing that Assistant Dean of Students/Operations and Director of Community Standards, Pamela Warren, wants students to know is that most security protocol information is available on MyMarianDifferent protocols for emergency situations can be found in the campus safety page from the drop-down of the “Emergency Info” tab. Here, students can find different protocols for bomb threats, shootings, severe weather, and more

Warren encourages every student to inform themselves on how to handle different situations so they can be as prepared as possible if an emergency were to take place. Along with this, students can sign up to get automatic emergency textby updating their contact information and clicking on the “Allow texting” option, which is found under Useful Links,” and in the drop-down menu of “Update Contact Info.” 

Warren then explained that security offers an escort service, responds to incidents, and serves as the University contact for emergency personnel and secure the area. They also act as a form of assistance for staff, faculty, and students. For example, security can unlock different doors to different buildings on campus for anyone who is locked out. 

Warren added that the security staff remains unarmed, as they primarily act as the eyes and ears on campus. They are to immediately report to official emergency personnel, such as the Fond du Lac Police Department, in case of an emergency like an on-campus fire. If any suspicious activity were to take place, security would be the first personnel to the scene.  

Security also has the responsibility of maintaining order in different emergency situations, which calls for keeping students as calm as possible and keeping the general public out of the situation during the time of occurrence.  

If you have any questions regarding security, please contact Lead Security Supervisor, Ryan Long-Hawley at [email protected].edu or Pamela Warren at [email protected]