Coronavirus doesn’t take a break


From left to right: Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students Kate Candee, RN & BSN Public Health Nurse Director Joyce Mann, and Marian RN Jodi Schrauth

Cindy Rocha, Writer

The meeting held on Wednesday, March 4 about the coronavirus (COVID-19) involved about 30 to 35 students and staff. Needless to say, the entire classroom filled up. This meeting began with Kate Candee, the Dean of Students and Vice President of Marian, explaining the plan that Marian staff are working on in case the coronavirus breaks into our community.

Joyce Mann, a Public Health Nurse Director, also covered what the media does not show us. She explained how the coronavirus is very serious and while 80 percent do recover, this is still is a major concern. This made tensions about the coronavirus slightly decrease, because although it is spreading, there are people being treated for this virus and precautions being taken by those on our campus.

I noticed that when the meeting started everyone looked a bit concerned. Despite this, both Mann and Kandee made everyone, including myself, feel safe. Mann also explained how statistics for other countries about the coronavirus are very different from ours because of their public health. Right now, Wisconsin is low at risk for widespread outbreaks to occur. But, it is still important to keep in mind that people with symptoms of the illness are more likely to carry outbreaks, and it is very important for everyone to cover their mouths, wash their hands, and use hand sanitizer.

Candee explained that plans might get rearranged when everyone comes back from spring break. With students traveling to different places within the country and internationally as well, it is important to keep emergency plans in case any strains reach the community or surrounding ones. 

Candee explained, though, how there is a plan if a student comes back showing symptoms of the illness. The student will be treated right away and further steps will be taken to prevent the illness from spreading throughout campus. Knowing that Marian is working on a plan eased some of the tension, and this meeting was helpful in educating students and increasing awareness about the coronavirus even if it is not a serious threat to our own community.