Behind the job: meet two senior resident assistants

Jazmyne Thomson and Laney Spradlin

With so many events and different kinds of news on campus, a reliable source of getting information about these events is crucial. This is one responsibility of a resident assistant, or RA. With so many different rules and regulations Marian students must follow for safety, having someone to answer all questions and inform you of these rules is very important. Not only this, RAs also make connections with students and welcome them in order to help them feel a greater sense of community on campus. So, since RAs do so much for the on-campus residents of Marian, it seems only fitting that they are recognized and shown appreciation for. 

Senior and nursing major Natalie Mullendore is the RA for Duplexes 30, 36, and 44. Mullendore spent her freshman year in Courtyards with few friends besides those who lived on her floor. This was not the experience she was hoping for and she knew she wanted to make more connections, which is why she applied for the RA position at the end of her freshman year. She has been an RA ever since. She says, “It’s a really good opportunity to meet our staff so it’s like you instantly get twenty friends there, and you get to know your residents.” Mullendore says her favorite part of being an RA is getting to be creative with different programs and being there for her residents. 

Next is senior and criminal justice major Charmaine Harris, who is the RA for Courtyards 9-12. Charmaine did not want to live in a tiny Townhouse so she decided to apply for the RA position that she has held for the last three years. She says, “It’s a good opportunity to meet different people and just being a part of the Marian community.” 

And for the rest of the resident assistant team at Marian, we are all grateful for your dedication to bettering the community and student experience here. Your hard work does not go unnoticed!