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Leo Panelo
Hello! I am Leonardo De Dios Panelo (or just Leo for short) and I’m an international student here at Marian. I’m Filipino but I was born in Saudi Arabia, and yes, I have an Italian name and I study in America. I’m very weird and my hobbies fall into my passion as well for it is the art of doodling. I followed my brother, Ruel, to Marian at 2014 (making me a Junior now) to become a biology major. However that didn't work out when I saw a dead body and thus switched to something I was more passionate about, the arts. So I am currently a Graphic Arts major with an IT minor looking to graduate by 2018 with my brother! Because he's technically still part of Marian too but in Madison. Other than that, I love cats, doodling, listening to instrumental music, making fun of my brother, staying connected to my childhood friends and making people smile. In the long run, I guess I’m also not too sure where I’ll end up (Canada, Philippines, here in the US or outer space), however so, I hope and dream to inspire people with my works!

Leo Panelo, Webmaster

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